VCAF Request for Qualifications for Mosaic Artists

Capitol-stairsFrom: Vallejo Community Arts Foundation (VCAF), Request for Qualified Mosaic Artists

For: Capitol Stairs, built in 1911-12, between Sonoma Blvd. and Sutter Street, Vallejo, CA

Budget: $24,000 initial funding w/significant additional fundraising to take place with an active community built process.

Funding Source: Funding provided by the City of Vallejo Participatory Budget Program, from the Arts, Beautification and Community Development Proposal recommended by voters and approved by City Council in 2014. Final funding for $24,000, subject to final approval by City of Vallejo upon completion of design.

Location: Capitol Stairs between Sonoma Blvd. and Sutter Street, Vallejo, CA

Project Description: Vallejo Community Arts Foundation is looking for Mosaic Artists to submit qualifications for a project to create mosaics on the 51 Capitol Stairs’ risers (see photo above). Purpose of the project is to enliven the Vallejo Arts and Entertainment District, the Heritage District, and to add to the public art enrichment of the downtown.

The mosaic must meet standard best practices of out door, public art. No designs are to be submitted prior to selection of the three finalist artists and/or design teams.

The artists and/or design teams shall retain copyrights of their work. They will retain ownership of their paper design upon completion of the overall project. Vallejo Community Arts Foundation and the City of Vallejo will retain the rights of unlimited use of the artwork for purposes of promotion and public relations. The contract for the actual mosaic work will include a clause for retaining rights of removal or covering the art in the case of severe damage, vandalism, or if needed in the case of future city work.

Process of Selection: A citizen committee of neighborhood residents, artists, and a VCAF representative will review the RFQ’s and select three artists and/or design teams to submit a design for the mosaic steps. Each artist and/or design team will receive a $1,000 honorarium for their submitted design, implementation strategy and budget. The committee will then choose an artist and/or design team and then enter into contract with the artists and/or design team after approval by VCAF board.

Send additional questions about this grant to Sarah Nichols, neighborhood project coordinator, at

Deadline: June 1, 2016

RFQ responses should include:

  • A one page letter of interest
  • A resume with public art qualifications
  • Ten to twenty digital images of your original public artwork that qualify you to be selected for this project
  • A one page description of digital images of mosaic work submitted including Title, Size and Date Completed.

Please apply using the form below

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